Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Role of Electronic Social Media in the Business Sector

In today’s modern age of Information Technology, Electronic Social Media has a Major Role to play in almost many sectors of life. Even the sector of Business and Economy has now felt the need to use this powerful tool of Electronic Social Media. This form of media consists of Social Websites be it Social Networking Sites like Face book, Twitter and Google+ or even Digital Media Sites like YouTube and Flickr.

Face book was the site which made Social Networking very famous over the Internet. Nowadays, many company websites open their Face book Account to reach out to people over the World that too in minimum time, thus saving costs. They open a Group Profile for sending and accepting Friend Requests for expanding their network.  They also launch a Fan Page from the same account for displaying their posts publicly so that even those Internet Users can view the posts that are not Registered Members of Face book. Only the Registered Members of Face book can give their likes to the Fan Page.

Twitter is a Social Networking Site where people or Companies open their accounts and can then gather Followers and also be following others’ posts. Private Messaging is possible amongst Twitter Members who follow each other. Twitter Posts are known as Tweets and have a restriction of 140 Characters. People can make their own or others tweets as Favorite and can also publicly subscribe to anyone’s tweets.

Google Inc has also launched its own Social Networking Site known as Google+ which is open for all Google Email ID Holders only. Here, people can add each other to their Circles made under different categories. People can give a +1 to each others' posts. Here, people have to make their Individual Profile and after that they can also make a Website Profile pointing towards a Website, Company, Product or Service. People have the option to share their posts publicly or privately amongst their G+ Members.

Thus, we can say that Electronic Social Media has made Electronic Commerce alias E-Commerce even more powerful in the field of Information Technology, especially in Developing Economies like India.


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