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BSE Stock Market Trading News and Tips

BSE Stock Market Trading News and Tips

In today's fast pace world, where time is money and people need to handle their finances in an efficient manner, taking Financial Advice at times from Financial Advisers has become very important. An advice given to an individual, family or to an enterprise, on topics like Money Management, Home Loan, Investment, Pension Plan, Personal Finance or Tax Savings, is known as a Financial Advice. It is better to take a financial advice from a well qualified financial adviser, who is well versed in the field of Finance and Commerce. A Financial Adviser is a professional who gives financial services to individuals as well as to businesses. These services can include investment advice which may include pension planning and other financial advice related to topics like mortgages and insurance. Thus, a financial advisor helps the client in maintaining a balance between income from investment, gains from capital and an acceptable level of risk by using proper allocation techniques on assets.
There are various types of financial advice to adhere to. Some of them are Insurance Advice, Investment Advice, Tax Advice and Personal Finance Advice. An Insurance Advice is related to various types of insurance policies like Health Insurance and Car Insurance to name a few. An Investment Advice is related to various kinds of investments like Stock Market Equities or Fixed Deposits in Banks. A Tax Advice is related to the know how of various types of taxes to be paid by an earner or business like Income Tax, Sales Tax, Property Tax and so on. A Personal Finance Advice is related to the handling of an individual's or family's Personal Finances like Household Expenses and Personal Loans to name a few.
There are various advantages of listening to a Financial Advice. Through such advices, an individual or a family can be able to manage their finances and income in a better manner and can be prevented from debt and unnecessary expenditure. The same thumb rule also applies to businesses, as they can also prevent themselves from debt and can move towards profit generation and can maximize their wealth. A good financial advice also helps in bringing discipline in the handling of one's finances, so that there is minimum requirement of taking risks.
There are some disadvantages of listening to a Financial Advice also at times. If a financial advice is followed over the Internet, then it must be followed from a valid and reputed finance based website. If the website is not properly checked, then it may result in the following of wrong or inaccurate financial advice, resulting in financial loses. Even off line, if financial advice is followed from a financial advisor, who may not have a sound knowledge on financial issues, may result in suffering financial losses.
Thus, it's also important to take a financial advice from an authorized and reputed financial advisor to take accurate and useful financial advices. Other forms of media like reputed finance based newspapers, journals and magazines are also to be taken in account for following useful financial advices.

Let's Talk Money - NDTV Social

Let's Talk Money - NDTV Social
A Financial Plan is a set of stages which is carried out and is related to an individual’s or family’s or a business’s financial matters. This technique is derived from the well defined procedure of Financial Planning.
In Personal Finance, a Financial Plan for an individual or a family refers to a set of stages for defining fixed targets related to money expenditure and savings. This kind of financial plan, can be used for allocating money for payment of taxes, daily expenditure and other miscellaneous expenses. Further in Personal Finance, a financial plan can also help in investing of income towards financial sectors like Stock Market Equities or Bank Savings. In Business Finance, a Financial Plan consists of Strategic Planning Procedures like Forward or Future Planning and Financial Year Forecasts of a company. Here, financial documents like Company Balance Sheets and Cash Flow Statements are also prepared.
There are various advantages of creating a Financial Plan. In Personal Finance, it can help an individual or a family in channelizing their money. This is done for meeting future expenditure and planning out further savings for long term financial gains. In Business Finance, it can help an enterprise in prevention of it’s fund misuse and also help in Wealth Generation. It can also help an enterprise in installing confidence within banks and financers, for giving them financial help if required.
There are various disadvantages of creating a Financial Plan also. In Personal Finance, it can take a lot of time of an individual or of an entire family, if the plan is not sorted out in a well defined manner. This plan can only provide a road map for future personal financial planning but can’t provide guaranteed returns of financial gains for a person. This can only depend upon the person’s or family’s lifestyle and spending habits, which can enhance or spoil the personal finances of a household. In Business Finance, it can take a lot of time of an enterprise, if the Strategic Planning Procedures of a financial plan are not carried out in an analyzed manner. This plan can also turn into a liability if a lot of money has to be spent on a financial advisor for making it and ultimately if the end result turns out to be unsatisfactory.
In today’s IT World, various softwares for constituting a financial plan are available on the Internet. Examples of such softwares are Excel Templates which are used as Financial Projection Softwares, Expert Softwares for carrying out Strategic Planning and Tally for making financial documents like Company Balance Sheets and Cash Flow Statements. Some of these softwares are available for free download on the Internet and are known as Free wares, where as some of them are available for download only in exchange of some online payment. Even for Personal Finance, softwares like Microsoft Excel and Access are available for jotting down a financial plan and they don’t need to be downloaded from the Internet.
Thus, a Financial Plan has become an important tool in the handling of Personal as well as Business Finances. It is also the base of a Financial Planning Process.

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