Saturday, 19 May 2012

Bank Fixed Deposits, a very safe option for Financial Investment

A Bank Fixed Deposit also known as an FD is a facility provided by banks in Asian Nations like India to its account holders. An FD provides a higher interest rate as compared to a normal Savings Account to bank account holders, until a fixed date of maturity. A separate account’s creation in a bank only depends upon the particular bank’s rules and policies for availing the Fixed Deposit Scheme. Banking is a system of money saving and transactions which was believed to be started by the Egyptians. This system brought along with it modern tools of handling money like Fixed Deposits or Recurring Deposits in terms of schemes and cheques or drafts in terms of cash alternatives.
          There are various advantages which a Bank Fixed Deposit provides to its bank account holders. Some banks can provide loan to FD Holders against their Fixed Deposit Certificates at interest rates which are competent. A Fixed Deposit Investment in India is usually considered safer than a Post Office Account Money Deposit as it’s covered under the Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Scheme of India. An FD Scheme is also said to provide benefits in taxes like Income Tax.
          There are some disadvantages of a Bank Fixed Deposit for its investors also. FDs don’t always guarantee good interest rates as banks may provide lesser interest rates if a nation’s economic conditions are unsteady. Investors can’t withdraw money from a Fixed Deposit before maturity which makes an FD’s nature a bit rigid as compared to a more flexible Recurring Deposit.
          Thus, it can be concluded that a Bank Fixed Deposit is till today considered as one of the safest options for investing money, especially in Developing Economies like India. Ultimately, it’s an option which people can safely go for rather than the more risky financial system of Stock Equities consisting of Shares and Mutual Funds.


  1. This blog post on Bank Fixed Deposits was very informative. It's surely a great way towards Savings in Money which is hugely followed in India.

  2. I clearly understood the shares and mutual funds, thanks for the information you are the only site giving a porper information ..... keep it up..